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Spring Featured Plants 

A selection of Amherst Nurseries' springtime favorites.


Flowering Crabapple 'Donald Wyman'

  • 15-20' tall x 15-20' wide
  • Zone 4a - 8b
  • Dark pink buds open into large white flowers in spring, which cover the entire tree
  • Beautiful cooper colored bark
  • Small green fruit ripen to dark red in fall
  • Highly disease resistant 


Hawthorne 'Crimson Cloud' (Crateagus laevigata 'Crimson Cloud')

  • 25' tall x 20' wide
  • Fragrant clusters of dark prink flowers with white centers in spring
  • Small clusters of tiny, red, shinny fruit in fall, which attract birds
  • Thornless variety that is resistant to leaf blight
  • Relatively drought tolerant once established


Flowering Pear 'Aristocrat' (Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat')

  • 35-40' tall x 35-40' wide
  • Hardy to Zone 4
  • Produces an abundance of white flowers in the spring
  • Brilliant red to orange-red fall foliage
  • Beautiful goldish colored bark
  • Sturdy limbs that will not break in the wind like it's cousin the Bradford Pear
  • Produces small kiwi shaped, brown fruit in the fall; that is no larger than a pea and loved by birds.


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